Volunteer Opportunities

unnamed-1Thank you for your interest to volunteer with RCSGO.  Your gift of time is our greatest asset and we are grateful for your support.  Many volunteers may desire to fill multiple roles and we welcome that.

Board Members – Board Members will meeting on a regular basis to provide a strong foundation for the mission, design policies, vision cast, and plan strategically for the future. Board members will also serve as a review committee when / if a situation arises for scholarship selection. Officer positions include: President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary (see officer job descriptions).  All board members are voted in by the current board. Commitment:  approximately 3 hours / month with a 3 year term. Officers may be voted into their position after serving a one year term as a member at large.  Current need: 1

Spanish translators – Spanish/English translators will help to facilitate discussions with families who speak no English or struggle with English.  They may offer help completing application forms and other forms of communication when needed. May work closely with Family Advocate and School Liaison. Translators are also needed on August 1st for the awards day announcement.  (See Scholarship Awards below). Commitment: random – 2 hours / month. Current need: 5

Communications – Volunteers will help to promote the mission under the direction of the ED to produce Newsletters (email / snail mail), annual report, press releases, media outlets, social media and other publications.  Will also work closely to website, family advocate, school liaison, and photographer.  Commitment:  1 – 2 hours / month.  Some seasons may require up to 4 hours / month.  Current need: 2

Website – monthly updates to the website to ensure that the most appropriate information is displayed in a well laid out publication.  Commitment: 2 hours / month. Current need: 1

Data Entry – update the database of email and snail mail addresses for schools, families, CPA’s, CPA firms.  Commitment: 1 hour / month.  Current need: 1

Photographer – attend special events, awards days, etc.  Working under the direction of the ED to support specific needs.  Work with communications, website, and events coordinators.  Commitment: 2 hours / month.  Current need: 1 – 3

*Volunteer training will be provided annually and as needed.
**Some volunteers will be required to have a back ground check.
***All volunteers will be required to complete a volunteer application.

The Rocket City Scholarship Granting Organization is a Huntsville based npo providing scholarships to help children embark on the voyage to improve education and navigate their future.

Rocket City Scholarship Granting Organization
PO Box 99 Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763