Meet Nick West: UAH Student and Scholarship Recipient

The first time I met Nick West we were on a bus heading to Montgomery for a School of Choice conference. It was A brisk winter morning as we boarded the bus before sunrise in January.

Quickly assessing my seat, I noticed Nick in his Business suit. I was dressed in jeans, a sweater, and a scarf. It made me feel under-dressed. I also noticed he was one of the youngest people on the bus which got my attention. I thought to myself, “he must be excited about this opportunity!“

Neither of us spoke to each other during the trip. In fact, most of the bus was quiet, some may have fallen asleep as the bus lulled us back into a somber trance. The sun rose and began to welcome us to the city where many political decisions are made. Again, I noticed how quickly Nick disembarked the bus which firmed my conclusion that he was excited. Little did I know, that he was a guest speaker at the convention.

Wow! His words were powerful! His testimony of how the Alabama Accountability Act made a difference for him, his brothers, and ultimately his family. He spoke about his mother, a single mom trying to do the best for her children. All I could hear was how proud he was of her and how he wanted to make her proud as well! The convention center was packed.

Most everyone was standing and the applause was deafening. We got back on the bus and there he was, all smiles. I congratulated him on his outstanding presentation! Fast forward to November, we sat in my office and discussed so many things; where he would go to grad school, places he wanted to intern, his future, and his family.

Yet, what Impressed me so much was his perseverance to succeed and his love for his family. In my opinion, he is already accomplish so much for his young age.

I expect to keep in touch with this young man and I cannot wait to see what is next for this future leader!