Information for Parents & Guardians

The Alabama Accountability Act of 2013 gives parents of Alabama K5-12 students the flexibility to choose the school environment that best serves the unique learning needs of each child.

Specifically, the Accountability Act provides a tax credit to individuals and corporations who contribute to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) such as Rocket City SGO. Those donations are used by SGOs like Rocket City SGO to grant scholarships for qualifying students to attend a public or private school that meets their needs better than the public school for which they are zoned.

Scholarships may only be granted on behalf of students who meet the eligibility requirements of the Accountability Act. Students must :

  • Be a member of a household whose total annual income meets the requirements of the Accountability Act,
  • Be eligible to attend a public school in the preceding semester or is starting school in Alabama for the first time, and
  • Reside in Alabama.

Rocket City SGO requires parents or guardians to fill out and submit applications, and does not permit schools make determinations about which students will receive awards. However, we do require that the student be accepted into a participating school before submitting an application, and school officials must provide documentation of this before the application will be processed. Therefore, before filling out an application, we request that parents or guardians contact the desired school to confirm that the school participates in the SGO program, and to complete all acceptance requirements for their student. Verification that the student has been accepted into the participating school will be required before any application will be processed.

Rocket City SGO is willing to partner with any school that meets the eligibility requirements of the program and who has been approved by the State of Alabama as a qualifying school. The complete list of qualifying schools can be found here:

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